For over 25 years we have been providing services in the field of electricity, CCTV monitoring and security systems (access control, alarms) for industry, business and individual customers.

The basis of our activity are comprehensive services including:

  • Security Systems
  • Video monitoring systems (CCTV)
  • Access control systems (AC & WTR)
  • Fiber optic installations
  • Photovoltaic systems (renewable energy)
  • Electrical measurements and installation audits
  • Electrical Installations

We provide services to clients from all over Poland and Europe.

Thanks to the individual approach to the client, qualified staff and the use of the latest technological solutions, our services meet the requirements of the most demanding clients from the Aerospace, Energy and Metallurgy industries. Our regular customers include, among others:
Maas Aviation – Aircraft Exterior Finishing
TAURON Wytwarzanie
ArcelorMittal Poland
Kuźnia Polska

Our experience in such demanding service sectors is transferred to the quality of our services for individual and business clients.