Photovoltaic cells – for companies and individual consumers

Our company has over 25 years of experience in providing energy-related services. The extension of our offer to services related to renewable energy allows us to provide our clients with the latest solutions in this field supported by many years of experience in implementing projects for both business (power plants, steel and glass works, industrial smithies) and private customers.

By choosing our services, you can be sure of solid implementation of your project by an experienced company with a stable market position.

Solar cells are a real way to reduce electricity bills for both home and business.

A properly designed Solar installation can cover 100% of the annual demand for electricity.

In many regions of Europe, regulations oblige energy suppliers to “store / buy back” surpluses of energy obtained from solar cells. Electricity stored by the supplier is returned to our home / company during the period of lower efficiency of our panels.
These solutions mean that the cost of investment in photovoltaic panels is paid back after a period of 6-9 years after installation, which, with the average life of the panels reaching between 30-50 years, provides real savings and independence from ever-increasing electricity prices.

This method of reducing costs is particularly attractive for companies with production or storage halls that are ideal for the installation of a solar farm

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