Fiber optic teletechnical installations

Testing, repair and measurement of fiber optic paths

When building and operating fiber optic installations, it is important to carry out tests and detailed measurements of fiber optic lines. In addition to diagnostics and analysis of measurement results, we also offer maintenance and removal of detected failures and faults.

  • Test, measurement and diagnostics of existing fiber optic installations.
  • Comprehensive optical line measurements with full documentation.
  • Analysis of measurement results to determine the correctness of cable arrangement and assembly (e.g. location of connectors, accidental bends, cracks, optical length measurement),
  • Periodic measurements related to the operation of fiber optic lines.
  • Location and removal of optical lines failures and defects.
  • Development of optical measurement documentation.
  • Fiber optic track maintenance.
  • Fiber optic networks maintenance and service.
  • Removal of all types of failures and faults in optotelecommunication lines.
  • Warranty and post-warranty service under the relevant contracts.

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